Lóa Hjálmtýsdóttir is a comic book artist and a singer for FM Belfast. You can follow her comics through Lóaboraotríum and support her on Patreon. Culture Smuggling got her to be the smuggler of the week and Weird Al Yankovich, Vincent Price og melted chocolate will enter the equation.

Which comics artists inspire you?

Tara Booth, Hugleikur, Alec with a pen, René French, Jason and Emil Ferris.

How well do your careers in comics and music go together?

Just fine, really. Occasionally they take time from each other, but usually they work well together. Comics and music mix very well together.

Who directs the biopic and who plays the lead?

Christopher Guest directs and Bel Powley stars.

Most memorable trip abroad?

When I went for a month-long trip around Europe with my family and managed to puke in seven different countries because I had just seen a movie with Vincent Price and couldn’t sleep after that from worry.

FiftyWays1What piece of art would you like to smuggle into every home?

Some loose beauty by Loji Höskuldsson.

Is there a foreign book that you’ve read that really needs to be translated into Icelandic?

Yes, the Dog Man books by Dav Pilkey. There’s a real shame those ridiculously funny children books don’t exist in Icelandic.

The 21st century most interesting poet?

Mister Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson.

What teacher made a difference?

Margrét H Blöndal, Haraldur Jónsson, Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson, Anna Hallin, Les Kanturek, Noël Caro, Auður Jónsdóttir, Sigurður Pálsson, Yuri Gitman and Ben Katchor. I can’t be bothered to list the teachers that had a bad influence on me, but I’ve written a comic about my experience with teachers. I wrote it after Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson and Les Kanturek died and I realised what an incredible influence they had been on my attitude towards creativity and how very encouraging they were.

You‘re hired as a program director at a cinema for a week – with an unlimited budget – what would you show us?

I think it would be exactly the same program as in the Black Sundays and Fart in Paradise programs in Bíó Paradís. Although I would add a Saturday-morning screening and just show some fun cartoon shows like Teen Titans Go, Adventure Time, Clarence, Rick & Morty, Simpsons, Bojack Horseman and the like. I would sell cereals in the shop for people to devour while watching.

Where‘s the dream?

It’s melting in the jacket pocket of Jónsi í Svörtum fötum [ed. note: In Iceland, a dream is also a liquorice filled chocolate bar. A definite highlight of any candy-fuelled Iceland trip.]

A photographer takes a portrait of you – what would be the perfect background?

A wall painted by Sara Riel or a giant painting by Helga Páley.

A question from last week’s smuggler: Who is the king, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson or Hrafn Gunnlaugson?

Ah, I don’t know. I’ve heard Children of Nature is good but I haven’t really been following those dudes and their works. Can’t we just split it and make them both a prince?

Most important undiscovered artist?

I’m always teaching some geniuses in Iceland University of the Arts and The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, but I don’t want to choose between them.

What did you do with the money the lady from Hamburg gave you?

Bought myself a swimming card for the year and the spy Lego set.

Can you make ends meet from your art – and if so, how?

Yes, I can by illustrating children’s books, play on concerts, teach art and a bunch of smaller projects. I don’t recommend it though for people who want to own a flat before forty or enjoy summer vacations.

What record should we listen to while we read this?

Tilbury’s Exorcise.

The last TV Series you binged?

The second series of Ozark.

The most memorable moment on stage:

When Árni Vil got a shoe in his face but still finished the concert like a real pro.

What’s the dream project?

To be a voice actor for cartoons and let somebody produce toys based on my comics.

You‘re favourite word?

Hverfi, because it means both neighbourhood and to disappear.

You form a new band and can only hire foreigners – who would you choose?

I would get Weird Al Yankovic. He’s so oddly devoid of any shame, I would like to learn that from him. Then I would hire the Metronomy drummer Anna Prior.

Where do you prefer listening to music?

In a campervan with Árni while travelling the country or alone on my bike with headphones.

Anything you want to ask the next smuggler?

Which idea feels more comforting to you: that life is random or if it’s already pre-ordained?

But what exactly are you doing?

I have absolutely no idea. Just trying to keep comfortable and do as little harm as possible.