Culture Smuggling

smuggling words and ideas

The Smuggler

ichI smuggle words and ideas. From one language to another, from one person to another. from one art form to another.

Because words and ideas need smuggling.

Most are originals, some are translations.

I‘ve been smuggling for many years – for various Icelandic outlets – one of which is in English; The Reykjavík Grapevine.

A smuggler should always stay anonymous – but I’m the reckless type so here goes: the name is Ásgeir H Ingólfsson.

I‘m born in Iceland, have lived in the UK and England, but always seem to end up somewhere in the  Czech Republic eventually. I’ve worked as a freelance cultural journalist and finished a MA in Creative Writing at the University of Southampton.

I like to write about films, literature and other cultural stuff as well as travelling – and even sports and politics when the mood strikes me.

If you want to support my smuggling by getting me to write for your publication you can always e-mail me at asgeirhi (at)

If you’re a fellow smuggler feel free to smuggle those words on a fancy social media of your choice – and if you want to smuggle some words of your own here, let me know.

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