Smuggling can be a hazardous occupation. Sometimes the sea can‘t stay still, sometimes the roads are closed, sometimes you can‘t see out of your own eyes. Sometimes the borders are too heavily guarded, the border guards too heavily armed.

The hazards of Culture smuggling are usually a lack of money and time, which are often different sides of the same coin, and caused the smuggling routes to be temporarily closed since the beginning of the year.

There‘s nevertheless been some plotting in the headquarters, a whole MA thesis written about the possibilities of keeping the smuggling routes open and ensure some sort of future for this particular snuggling of culture.

The original plan was to start at the beginning of August, like last year. But then we remembered: The Commercial Workers Weekend. The name is mostly an oxymoron by now, it‘s essentially the weekend when half of Iceland leaves the city or towns to get seriously hammered in a few choice location with a camping site. It‘s also kind of the official end of Icelandic summer, meaning after it the workforce starts working again and – importantly for us websites – the internet wakes up again.

This is a long weekend, so it‘s not until tomorrow things will get back to normal. Meaning Tuesday at the movies for Culture Smuggling. The rest of our plan will come to light little by little, some will be similar to last year, other things will be different – but one thing is for sure; there will be lots of walking. 2019 will be the year of the flaneur. Watch this space.