It’s still dark

and raindrops are falling.

a low tickling vibration

as the rain hits the water.

I swim between the drops,

that make thin pillars on the surface of the water.

Some up to three centimetres tall.

The pool lights fill the pillars with light from below

While they appear and disappear, each a second at a time

and I swim through a 3D symphony for the eyes.


Sesselía Ólafsdóttir


Sesselía will read poems tomorrow, Sunday the 9th of September, at 14:00 in The Akureyri Art Museum. It’s part of the reading series “Til málamynda,” that will be in the museum all Sundays in September, where the poets will be in dialogue with collected items and try to make a new feeling, a new sensation. You can read more about it here.