Baldvin Z is premiering his third feature film these days, Let Me Fall, and in fact we got hold of him just after the Icelandic premiere with a few questions, completely unrelated to the film. But Basquiat and Steve Buscemi both make an appearance.

Do you have any good advice for premiere nerves?


Who directs the biopic and who plays the lead?

Danny Boyle directs and Steve Buscemi stars.

Why a film director?

It was just so tempting.

Most memorable trip abroad?

New York 1999, don‘t remember much …

What piece of art would you like to smuggle into every home?

All of Basquiat‘s paintings.

You‘re hired as a program director at a cinema for a week – with an unlimited budget – what would you show us?

The Seventies catalogue of American cinema – the best films.

The 21st century most interesting poet?

Breki Karlsson.

What teacher made a difference?

Kine Ravn.

What‘s the dream?

To live life … for a long, long time.

A photographer takes a portrait of you – what would be the perfect background?

Glerá (the river that divides Akureyri, the northern town Baldvin grew up in).

Most important undiscovered artist?

Toggi Nolem.

What did you do with the money the lady from Hamburg gave you?

Bought myself a Fiat 126 – 76’ model.

A book you want to film?

I anted to film Room – but then somebody else filmed it.

What record should we listen to while we read this?

Portishead‘s Dummy.

The last TV Series you binged?

Sharp Objects.

The most fun film festival you’ve been to?

The Toronto International Film Festival.

You‘re favourite word?

Föndra (The Icelandic word for doodle, yet so much more)

You get the movie to make a movie anywhere but in Iceland. Where would you go?

To Argentina.

Anything you want to ask the next smuggler?

Who is the king, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson or Hrafn Gunnlaugson?